B2C & B2B headless e-commerce

Lomi is a specialty coffee roaster. Founded in 2012, the company has rapidly expanded across the entire coffee production chain, from plot selection to professional training. Lomi sources, roasts and distributes exceptional coffees. The quality requirement on the product is applied on Lomi's services. That's why Lomi asked us to rethink its entire online distribution and to create a customized client account.

The Lomi case

Even if its activity is essentially oriented towards professionals, Lomi wished to keep an offer accessible to private individuals. Originally, a multi-target approach that was covered by two distinct sites, one reserved for coffee, the other for equipment. Two platforms that needed to be combined into a single platform to improve daily management efficiency.

Historically positioned on a clientele of cafes, hotels and restaurants, Lomi has taken advantage of the redesign to tackle two other growing segments: offices and bulk sales businesses. Thus, the new site integrates equipment and service rentals.

Headless e-commerce

Among other things, Lomi is a company with a unique artisanal know-how. Each coffee is a story, a destination, a long refining process transcribed into rich content. The choice of an e-commerce + CMS combination was obvious. It allows contributors to compose each product page with total freedom on the editorial part. 

The site is directly connected to a Sage ERP and a Zoho CRM which ensures the follow-up of the requests for intervention and assistance. 

E-commerce solution : Swell
CMS : Contentful
Frontend : Next.js