The agency

Ultrō agency was created by Antoine Caillet and Thomas Le Mouellic, who met at the Kedge Business School. They actually created their first company together during their studies in 2000 with a design studio

After various experiences apart in web agency in France and Canada, they joined forces again in 2009 to create Ultrō.

Antoine Caillet

Precursor, he was part of the meteoric startup rise in the 2000s with immostreet and he launched his first e-commerce website in 2001.

After a few years in Canada, with experiences with various digital agencies, he decided to come back to France and settled a digital consultant / producer.

Today, Antoine is the technical lead on all of Ultrō projects and helps coordinating the delicate marriage between design & technology.

Thomas Le Mouellic

Before starting Ultrō, Thomas was in charge of projet direction at Periscope Creation and collaborated with brands such as Sony, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Gaz de France or Michelin.

Thomas leads the strategic direction, the architecture, the content for all agency projects, making sure that each element of a projet is adding value to the en user.

We distinguish ourselves in the art and manner of designing quality user experiences. 
We believe it is natural that the relationship between us and our customers is based on the same desire for transparency and efficiency.

Can it be done for yesterday?

We are partners rather than service provider. We won't promise the impossible but we'll do what's achievable. Hasty launches rarely are a key to success.


You will work directly with Ultrō's founders or their expert associates. We ensure that all resources working on your project add value to it.

Lukewarm water

Ultrō is a consultancy agency. We provide unbiased and relevant analysis. We do not come up with fake and sweetened recommandation that only serve our interests. Our decisions are solely made to satisfy your user needs and objectives.


Simple words, all the time. We take pride in providing clear guidance, avoiding the use of technical words when it is not necessary. Too many of these would just generate confusion.