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Ultrō is a digital strategy and user experience consultancy, founded in 2009, with offices in Clermont-Ferrand, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon and Paris. The agency assists companies of all sizes in the design and development of their websites, applications and digital services.

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All of the following content is of use to search engines only. If you read through the first few paragraphs, you will notice a misuse of the terms "Clermont-Ferrand", "web agency", "digital", among others.

Why this ?

Despite regular updates since their creation, the fact remains that search engine algorithms are not able to distinguish between quality content and bland content.

This sad reality therefore encourages the insane practice of repeating keywords, such as web agency in Clermont-Ferrand, in the pages of websites. 

The more these terms are present on the page, the more likely it is that this page will be in a good position in the search results, as in our example "web agency in Clermont-Ferrand". SEO specialists will point out that this is not the only key factor for success, as the loop will only be completed with a few external links on the expression "web agency in Clermont-Ferrand" for example, but the link on which these fragile rankings are based remains the keyword. 

So you sometimes find yourself reading whole paragraphs of text on commercial sites whose content is of no real use to you, the visitor. You can easily identify them by their construction, either in the form of a question "Are you looking for a web agency in Clermont-Ferrand?", or in the form of a ranking "The best web agencies in Clermont-Ferrand" or even in the form of a list of advice "How to choose your web agency in Clermont-Ferrand".

We are aware of the stakes associated with good visibility for our clients, particularly in e-commerce, but we are not in favor of this overload of content without interest for the user.

We believe that any company, any brand, must be able to produce quality content, for its customers but also for its visitors. This is the choice we have made: we prefer a qualified writer, a journalist, a product expert, rather than a producer of interchangeable texts.

In the end, as you will have understood, to hope to appear on the first page of search engines for the expression "web agency in Clermont-Ferrand", we have created this page on the fringe of our website to preserve its content, while making it accessible to search engines.

If, like us, you are sensitive to the quality of the user experience and the relevance of the content, we could perhaps become your web agency in Clermont-Ferrand.