Ultrō × Contentful

Avec trois collaborateurs certifiés, Ultrō est agence partenaire de la solution Contentful. Un outil de gestion de contenu qui place la flexibilité, la performance et la sécurité au centre de son modèle.

Contentful, a leader in headless CMS is more than a CMS (Content Management System): it's a content infrastructure platform for creating omnichannel digital products (website, mobile application, video display, connected objects...). At Ultrō, our experts support our customers in their migration to these tools that are more complete, more customizable and more secure than legacy CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal.

Official Solution Partner

In addition to being certified on Contentful technology, Ultrō’s teams have extensive experience in both the technical aspects of a CMS and the functional aspects. This allows us to create systems that perform well technically, but will also make life easier for site contributors.

“Contentful’s content modeling allows us to quickly create a 100% customized infrastructure designed for each client's specific needs. Unlike traditional CMSs, a headless CMS allows us to create clean interfaces for our clients that are friendly to use and very quick to learn.”

—Thomas Rousselot, Certified Contentful Professional
Projects Director @ Ultrō

Thanks to its API-first approach, Contentful easily integrates with a multitude of applications and tools such as Shopify, Gatsby, React, Next, Vue... Like all headless CMS, the separation of back-end and front-end saves time and flexibility in development since the content structure is no longer dependent on the final design.

“For our client ACE Hotel we used a combination of Contentful, Gatsby and Netlify to deploy a new ecosystem of about 30 sites in a few months that offers great opportunities for further development.”

—Antoine Caillet, Certified Contentful Professional
Techical Director @ Ultrō

Contentful for commerce

For rich product sheets or high-performance landing pages, Contentful is particularly suited for e-commerce. It can be associated and communicated with an e-commerce platform such as Shopify or any other headless e-commerce solution and thus benefit from a flexible interface for marketing content management.