Ace Hôtel

Website rebuild

In 30 years, the Sighor Group became the third player in highway services. Created in 2004, and thanks to the quality and the consistency of the services it offers, its hotel network ACE can claim a record high retention rate throughout its 28 hotels. Its deep roots in local communities and its independence make this brand unique in a business that is going more and more global and industrial.

After redesigning their offering and their brand identity, Sighor asked Ultrō to rethink and rebuild ACE hotel's website with one key objective: Provide a digital experience that would portray the real hotel experience in terms of atmosphere, comfort and services.

Find a hotel and book

The search engine we built suggest cities but also close-by hotels or associated hotels. The system is adjusted for each hotel so that you will never miss an ACE Hotel just because it is a few kilometres off a generic rule.


Each hotel of the network has a dedicated website with specific and generic content. We managed to keep it simple on both front-end and back-end with a headless architecture: Content is provided through Contentful and displayed on a separate front-end.

Visual languages and interfaces

Each ACE Hôtel service was translated into a detailed but yet simple illustration. A generous and assertive way of contrasting with the generic signage used by its competitors.