Michelin CSE

Design & production of a digital magazine

In 2020, Michelin Social & Economic Commitee asked Ultrō to redesign their website. In 2021, they trusted us again to launch the digital version of its paper magazine, designed by double salto agency and published every two months: SPOT.

A double objective for this project: simplicity and efficiency for the readers...

For this site, which is aimed at members of the Michelin SEC, we designed an efficient, streamlined experience. The graphic universe of the paper format was preserved, while optimizing the content for a better consultation on digital media: computers, tablets and mobiles.

... and on the administrator side

On the back-office side, we opted for Contentful, an adapted headless solution, which allowed us to design a tailor-made and intuitive tool : unlike traditional CMS, Contentful allows us to entirely modelize the interface based on the client's real content structure (and not the opposite). This results into a clean interface, only displaying useful content for administrators in a digestive way, for a quick grasp of the interface.

Other advantages of using Contentful on the project:

  • implementation and deployment in a record time,

  • flexible content structure, allowing us to quickly and easily implement future evolutions.

  • reinforced security for content as it is entirely separated from the layout and user facing interface.

  • combined with Gatsby & Netlify, content is loaded almost instantly.