Ultrō - Shopify partner

Ultrō is a Shopify partner agency. We design e-commerce websites for brands with Shopify, Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus.

Shopify agency for brands

Ultrō is a Shopify agency specialised in e-commerce for brands since 2009. An exercise that we are particularly fond of for its creative requirements. Just like a store or a showroom with a carefully designed space, the e-commerce site must offer a memorable experience, combining commercial efficiency and brand universe.
Shopify, as we explained in this article, is one of the most popular solutions for brands because of its efficiency, ease of implementation and ability to adapt to all stages of growth. Several reasons that led us to adopt the solution from its European debut in 2014 and officially become a Shopify partner agency.

Ultrō Shopify partner agency, France

Some examples of sectors and markets we operate

Fashion & lifestyle


Ultro agence Shopify - Outdoor Arva


Ultro agence Shopify - Food Lomi


Looking for … a Shopify agency for a migration project?

Every year, we assist brands in their migration projects from Woocommerce to Shopify, from Prestashop to Shopify or from Magento to Shopify.

In other words, a move from an open source e-commerce solution to a subscription-based e-commerce solution. This phenomenon has particularly intensified over the last few years, as the SAAS model provides more and more guarantees of stability and technical performance. If you are considering a migration project and are looking for a Shopify agency to support you, please c

... a Shopify agency you can trust?

Here are some information to consider when narrowing down your selection and finding the right Shopify partner.

  • Customer reviews, you can check ours on Sortlist.

  • Official Shopify agency status, issued by the publisher. And the listing on the My Shopify Agency website that goes with it.

  • The agency's skills : the ability to create custom themes in different technologies, Shopify application development, global markets, connection with other systems (CRM, ERP, etc.), etc.

... a Shopify agency to go further with Shopify?

We have an excellent knowledge of all Shopify solutions, from basic to its most advanced package : Shopify Plus. As well as its rich ecosystem of partner services: automated marketing, merchandising, customer reviews, payment, shipping, customer service, etc.

All of these services can drastically improve your shopping experience, customer relationships and acquisition. Have you spotted a weakness on your online shop and are looking for a Shopify agency to address it? Let's talk about it!

… a Shopify agency to migrate from Shopify to another solution?

We can help too! Our status as a Shopify partner agency does not oblige us to work exclusively with Shopify! Ultrō is a partner of several other e-commerce solutions because we consider that makes sense to recommend the best possible solution according to our clients' profile, background and business plan. Ready to migrate?