Ultrō - Shopify Plus partner

Ultrō is a Shopify partner agency. We design and develop e-commerce sites using Shopify's various offerings, including Shopify Plus for high-volume businesses. If you're wondering which package is best suited to your needs, here are some insights into what Shopify Plus has to offer.

Shopify Plus business model

Shopify Plus will cost you a fixed monthly fee ($2000, about €1800) which must be supplemented by a variable fee based on sales (0.3%). As you may guess, the total cost to own Shopify Plus gets higher than the Shopify Advanced version ($299/month) until you reach a ten million euros sales threshold.

But beware of this easy shortcut, this basic calculation only provides a partial and biased answer, because the interest in choosing Shopify Plus lies on a strategic vision of e-commerce. A vision focused on international, omnichannel, D2C and B2B.

Finally, you should know that Shopify Plus allows you to manage up to nine shops. In this case, moving to Shopify Plus becomes quickly more attractive than subscribing to several Advanced packages.

D2C and B2B channels only available natively on Shopify Plus

If you want to deal at the same time with your customers and professional clients, you'll have to turn to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus allows you to manage both sales channels with the same product catalogue. You operate from a shared back office and can offer the same shopping experience to all your audiences. Or even create one storefront for your customers and a second for your professional clients.

Schedule and automate your online events with Shopify Plus Launchpad

The tool your team can't live without. Put your store on autopilot. With Launchpad, fortget the rush of sales campaigns. This service allows you to schedule campaign launch dates, discounts, promotional code activations, product launches and content changes, taking the hassle out of organising ecommerce events. Each campaign has its own performance measurement (sales, orders, average basket, etc.).

Design custom checkout and raise your shopping experience to a new level

With Shopify, you can implement advanced modifications on the checkout process. This is an opportunity to be seized when you know that the average abandonment rate of the shopping cart and the checkout process is close to 70% according to a study by the Baymard Institute. Some of the reasons cited are directly related to the way the shopping cart works (mandatory account creation, complexity, errors, payment methods).

The skills of a Shopify Plus agency will enable you to move away from the appearance of the standard checkout to create a tunnel that is fully integrated graphically with the shopping experience. It is also possible to complete forms with additional fields (delivery instructions, gift messages) without using an application. Beyond graphic layout, many other possibilities are offered, including separate management of taxes and carriers depending on the location of your customer.

With the support of a Shopify Plus agency... and much more...

Shopify Plus customers can count on the support of their agency but also on personalised guidance from the the Shopify Team. A three-way relationship that allows them to take a step back and provide ongoing advice on the strategies to be put in place to achieve new goals. Would you like to extend the discussion?