Verney Carron

E-commerce rebuild, UX & Artistic Direction

Founded in 1820, Verney-Carron is an institution in the French hunting scene. Generations of masters looking for excellence have made it the flagship of French gunmaking, elevating this family business to the rank of a living heritage company. Our mission was to infuse the unique world of Verney-Carron into their new retail experience.

Sight and touch

Most of Verney-Carron arms are full of many details. The different types of wood have engraving, metallic finish and stamps that can only be distinguished by the use of large visuals. We decided to organize the product listings around this specificity.


Verney-Carron's purchase experience is unique in that it allows customers to personalize each gun to suit their aesthetic and practical preferences. The new configurator takes into account the specificities of each collection.