Maison Bourgeon

Support and control e-commerce book

Maison Bourgeon is a brand gourmet teas and other infusions. Its subtle and surprising recipes combine teas, flowers, fruits, plants and spices. The family adventure has become a flourishing business thanks to the rise of e-commerce and the development of its b2b customers. After a few years on Prestashop, Maison Bourgeon asked Ultrō to help them with their migration project and the redesign of their graphic theme.

Choice of e-commerce platform

Our initial workshops allowed Maison Bourgeon to choose the best possible scenario after we considered all costs over a four-year operating cycle: version upgrade or platform change, theme redesign, ERP connection, license or open source, hosting and maintenance.

Theme redesign

Maison Bourgeon had recently adopted a new visual identity to affirm its colorful and flavorful universe. We used the work done by Silence's design studio and illustrator Carole Barraud to create the new graphic theme for their online shop.