Strategy & visual identity

The second-hand market has become a strategic extension for brands and retailers over the last few years. The question is no longer whether to be in it, but how to organise it, both online and in shops, with or without a partner platform.

Arthur and Thomas, both outdoor sports passionates, decided to launch Campsider, their platform for buying and reselling outdoor equipment. A vertical approach to satisfy the needs of more demanding users, looking for technical information and advice.

Together we refined their brand strategy and identity around the founding principles of the project: to encourage responsible, accessible and environmentally friendly sports.

Campsider - slides introduction

Several combined phenomena attracted new audiences to outdoor activities.

The micro-adventure format for a getaway close to home, the need to reconnect with nature after long periods of lockdown, the fashion that draws on the codes of the outdoors and the now more accessible equipment. Campsider brings together a community of enthusiasts of all levels, driven by their passion and love of the great outdoors.

Break away from the beaten track of equipment manufacturers, blogs and adventure websites.

Rather than revisiting the imagery used by most outdoor players, we have opted for an illustrated visual language. There are several reasons for this: to avoid the risk of Campsider being perceived as a lifestyle brand, to give concrete expression to the service provided by the platform, and to relay its militant leanings more effectively.

Campsider - badges

This badge signage also offers an ideal gateway to merchandising options.

campsider - totebags
Campsider - bottles

The advertisements show equipment whose wear and tear is simulated by the use of textures.

Campsider's brand identity combines the characteristic roundness of digital brands with outdoor codes.

Campsider - UI - top home page
Campsider - maquette site - UI fiche produit
Campsider - Comment ça marche