e-commerce B2C & B2B - website rebuild

Created in 1960 in the heart of Provence, Alvadiem slowly developed a unique "savoir-faire" in the field of beekeeping dermocosmetics. Its products are now in high demand among health professionals, pharmacists, podiatrists who became the brands's best ambassadors.

After its identity change in 2019, the brand tasked Ultrō to rebuild its e-commerce platform. We revisited and optimized the customer experience for B2C as well as B2B users launching 2 new websites, powered by Shopify.


Get to the products within the main menu

The menu gives you a quick and easy access to any category and any product.

Optimize the B2B order process

On the website for professionals, a quick order page offers a simple way to add products to your cart, define quantities and finalize your order without opening a single product page.

Mobile Experience


Product page

Introduction to the product range & products listing

Blog & pages management

We created a custom theme for a simple and intuitive way to manage blog posts and content pages.