Visual Identity

Training and performance monitoring apps have brought brand new ways to the practice of endurance sports. Athletes of all levels can now share their performances and personal records accross these new platforms, some of which have integrated OEMs offerings. Alongside this mass market, Nolio is a service dedicated to professional coaches and professional clubs or associations, that need to better organize the preparation of their athletes and analyze their performance datas.

Ultro helped Nolio define a visual language and create guidelines that can easily apply to social network publications as well as business presentations and webinars.

The practice of endurance sports is characterised by repeated workout sessions, each of them being associated to a specific discipline, distance, route and amount of effort.

The segments represent these sessions which, put end to end with Nolio, can turn into training programs that fitness trainers can then plan and offer to their athletes.

The visual representation of these sessions in Nolio was extended for off line use. They add context to an illustration photography.