Visual identity

The electric bike market in France is growing fast and could reach the million bicycles in France in 2025.

A flourishing market for thirty brands, European, American and Asian who positioned themselves on the subject. It is in this intensely competitive environment, that we redesigned the identity of the brand Easybike.

Bike, vélo

Easybike, electric bike pioneer

The brand is proud to design and assemble its bikes in France, a unique case among its competitors. Although Easybike has taken a little freedom from some French cycling tradition, its badge is a nod to the iconic plate that distinguishes the fork of the bicycle.

Logo Badge
Logo Badge medaillon
Logo Tot bag

Easybike makes quality bicycles accessible to all budgets for daily practice. The brand wants to distance itself from a conformism installed in most market players: dark frames, cool elegance, sobriety graphic codes.

Color is a key ingredient, the expression of a bold personality. So it is no coincidence if Easybike launched a "Pantone" collection, named after a world-wide reference when it comes to colours.