Website rebuild

Assemblia is a mixed economy company multi-activity. Its main mission is to promote access to housing by the management of a vast park of 10 000 dwellings. It also operates under promoter in developing real estate projects on behalf of communities. We were consulted as part of the redesign of its website.

An experience to future tenants

Among the various target populations in this redesign project, future tenants are identified as the most sensitive users. The site allows them to file and follow the progress of their case. So we dedicated the top of their top search queries as well as those of future owners that the site wants to encourage.

Understanding Assemblia, its role and function

The home page introduces in a few arguments the major missions of the SEM, which are often unknown to the general public. In addition to social housing, Assemblia wishes to be identified as a player in the field of better living and regional development.