Creation of the brand identity and creative direction.

Playful. Durable.

For thirty years, badminton has grown steadily in Europe, now estimated at one million practitioners in France, split between associations and clubs. An Olympic discipline that attracts more and more, and from an early age.

But this craze has its downside: significant amounts of shuttlecocks, feather or plastic, whose short life generates costs and waste. Non recyclable, packed in tubes that aren't sustainable either, badminton shuttlecocks remain indispensable supplies.

It was a bold brand to reinvent, to make them more durable, whatever the level of practice, from competitive player to leisure practitioner. We helped Qetzal build their identity and their "direct to consumer" brand strategy.

Digital brand

The identity, the logo graphic to the different markers, refers to the fundamentals of the brand: round, simple, caring and energizing. A personality that stands out of the postures adopted by other manufacturers: technical, competitive, knowledgeable.

B2C, B2Clubs

Unlike other racket sports, the vast majority of badminton players gets their shuttlecocks directly from their clubs without going through any point of sale. The site has been designed so that both customer types can purchase Qetzal shuttlecocks with their respective commercial rules.