Digital strategy - Service design

The future of personal protection

In 2017, at the ISPO Munich, In&motion & Rossignol presented the result of two years of collaboration: a smart airbag vest that can be triggered in less than a tenth of a second. A significant step forward in security for athletes whose speed can reach 140 km/h.

This stunt at the highest level requires further success, from horse back riding to motorcycle GP, until the launch in 2018 of their first product to the general public. We support In&motion in the implementation of their B2B and B2C strategies.

In technology & motion as a driver of digital experience

The In&motion website was completely redesigned into an interactive & immersive experience. The use of animation helps reveal the complex interactions between the various components of the airbag system: the vest, the technology and finally the algorithm.

POS sale + online subscription

Once you buy the vest at a shop, and regardless of the retailer, the user has 48 hours to activate your subscription. The model chosen by In&motion is that of a monthly rental of the smart box that includes regular updates of the system and its algorithm.

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