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Faced with the offensive flash of young shoots of finance and law, Fidroit creates its first service for individuals

In twenty years, Fidroit has become a reference for wealth management professionals. A partner who can support them in developing their consulting business through a suite of digital applications, Fidnet, and a training offering adjusted continuously with legal requirements and regulations.

Faced with the competition of young finance & law talents, "Fintech" and other "Legal Tech" in a market where incumbents are at risk (banks, insurance companies, notaries) Fidroit created its first service for individuals: a site that helps them make decisions, with online and on-demand heritage advices.

After analyzing the opportunities, we partnered with Olivier Talbot (copywriting), Silence (brand design, art direction and illustration) and Fidroit, through the ideation, design service phases and production phases.


Presentation of the project by Jérôme Avril of Fidroit on BFM Business

The choice of business model

Just like for any service that has never existed before, the great difficulty lies in the anticipation of future consumer behaviour. The proliferation of subscription services (media, software, human services) oriented our thinking towards a model that the user can activate instantly without commitment.

Between the old and the new world, Fidroit found its equilibrium position, endorsing the capacity for innovation startups while preserving its historical and reassuring posture of a trusted partner.

The consulting services that address the main questions of individuals in the great moments of life unite, save, fund, provide, transmit were born.

Each service has resulted in a material graphic: a map with a period, a Fidroit consultant, price and framework content.

The project's success goes hand in hand with another challenge: democratize wealth management, often seen as an accompaniment reserved for wealthy people

Therefore, the website's primary objective is not to sell, but to convince the user that a wealth management advisor is a more versatile professional than other advisors. He/she is also objective, as his/her remuneration is not directly related to the financial products they advise on.

Another important behaviour to trigger: wealth management is not only looking at the financials, but also on a variety of life issues that arise regardless of our age.


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