Consulting & website rebuild


Consulting & website rebuild.

From the web to store e-commerce

Michelin tourist line is preparing for a significant change in its distribution product. Until now marketed by its extensive network of distributors, the Michelin car tires will soon be offered for sale on michelin.fr. The product line will rethink its home page so that it aligns with the new strategy.

Positioning Clarification

Gate must entry Michelin ecosystem, the site michelin.fr assumes the dual role of site online tourism product as well as the display of the global offer: Pneumatic, guides, merchandise, travel, etc. The portal gives way to a home page brand site that gives a central place to the ranges previously relegated to the bottom of the page.

Information Architecture

The ranges module that again it compiles all relevant information to decision-making in a single place: users view, price, comparative tests on the durability, safety tests. Each of these data was present but in isolation, forcing the user to view more pages than necessary for access.

The header of the site has been drastically simplified from about fifteen links to two hyperlinks.