Horse Pilot

Brand strategy and B2C B2B e-commerce.

In just a few years, Horse Pilot has established itself as a breakthrough in the world of horse-riding.

Technology and innovation are shaking up the established market codes to give rise to more efficient equipment, more in tune with the needs of riders and the requirements of the practice.


Positioning, identity, visual language

To consolidate its position as a pioneering equipment manufacturer, Horse Pilot has enlisted the services of Ultrō and the Silence Design studio to strengthen its identity and develop its brand content.

We accompanied Horse Pilot in the structuring of its technical discourse: maturation of concepts and technologies, narration, staging of performances and benefits.

A B2C platform adapted for B2B, with ERP

The architecture of Horse Pilot is simple and efficient. A B2C Prestashop base transposed with some modifications to the B2B, which allows us to offer a quality experience to resellers. Both are powered by a Sage ERP.

Going international

On the strength of its success in France, Horse Pilot is now preparing to take up a challenge of a very different size: that of conquering new European markets, including Germany from 2019.

We support the brand in structuring this ambitious strategy and in defining the means to be implemented..