Website rebuild of the Association of Industrialists and Optics Manufacturers

GIFO is the representative organisation of the ophthalmic optics industry in France. It brings together more than a hundred French or foreign companies established in France, of varying sizes: from small-scale VSEs to multi-brand multinationals.

He is the point of contact with the public authorities on all questions of visual health, economic development and innovation.

The project

In 2016, GIFO will undergo a metamorphosis and re-launch its digital presence. The union multiplies its speeches on Twitter, sets up on Linkedin and entrusts us with the overhaul of its website, which was won over by our collaboration with another representative organisation: the union of local businesses.

Less content, more messages

We orient the GIFO towards a light content structure, which the navigation bar of the site summarizes to the essentials.

More than a website, a magazine on the move, centered on the human being and mixing a wide variety of contents

As it is often the case for federations, the site is mainly aimed at decision-makers, public authorities and the press. The weight of the sector and the associated stakes must be examined in a few arguments.


The website as a collaborative application

The members of the GIFO meet in internal commissions. We have designed a restricted area that allows everyone to access their working groups and find the various publications. Members are informed of updates and invitations to attend by e-mail alert.