Euromaster e-Booking Factory

Rebuild e-booking app Europe

The project

Redesign of the company's appointment scheduling application, used by 2,339 service centres and 821 franchisees in 17 countries across Europe. The service covers the needs of individuals, but also those of call centres, long-term rental companies or companies that entrust the maintenance of their fleets to Euromaster.


A country, a market

The behavior of Nordic consumers differs profoundly from the one of the Mediterranean countries. Climate have a strong impact on services, products and habits appointment. The application must allow each country to adapt its offer to the market.

B2B and B2C environments

Euromaster e-Booking is used by individuals to maintain their vehicles, but also by companies to maintain fleets. Euromaster call centers also use the application for making phone appointment. A wide range of contexts of use.

Multi-media distribution

The application is present on country websites, which are not centrally managed. It is also deployed at Euromaster's professional customers who wish to manage appointment scheduling via their own services. The graphical environment must be able to blend in with the host site.