Creative direction and website rebuild

The project

In 2009, Efficity disrupts the real estate market with its virtual real estate agency project. Reduced commissions, shortened sales cycles, an algorithm for estimating the value of real estate, the pioneer site becomes a phenomenon. We are then responsible for working on a new version which will bring its strong growth ambition. In 2014, Foncia acquires Efficity to accelerate the digitalisation of its activities.

Homepage before redesign

Homepage after redesign

Advertisement submission process and sponsorship programme.

Search engine and search results.
Detailed sheet of a property with rich data aggregation.
Alert system.

Estimating a property: the key service Efficity cornerstone of capturing scheme.

The property prices m²

Second largest functional whole site, the real estate prices per square meter includes a detailed mapping of large French cities. It provides price estimates based on a certain number of data: number and value of transactions, taxation, real estate indices, etc.