Ultrō Storyblok's partner agency

Ultrō has been a Storyblok partner agency since 2022. Created in 2017, this Headless CMS has already been adopted by many brands and companies of all sizes.

Storyblok is a headless CMS that really stands out thanks to a very efficient visual editor. In addition to the flexibility advantages of headless solutions, Storyblok allows the implementation of a preview so editors can visualize the changes in real time. An experience very similar to Shopify's theme editor that makes content edition very easy for contributors.

« For marketers, we created a user interface that works like an app and allows them to manage content in a very simple way without the need for specific training: when they are logged in, the tool is so intuitive that they don't need technical documentation. »

Dominik Angerer

What makes Storyblok better

The power of Storyblok does not reside in its visual editor alone. This scalable, full-featured headless CMS has already been adopted by companies such as Adidas, HappySocks, Netflix or T-Mobile because it offers a number of advantages:

  • Visual editor: Ability to create a WYSIWYG interface, so authors can view changes in real time

  • Flexibility: Storyblok's API works with all frameworks, so you can choose the tools you really need. The API also allows you to create complex architectures, including infinite content nesting which is ideal for managing one or more e-commerce stores

  • Performance: Storyblok's API allows you to get excellent performances for your web pages - Storyblok Image Service's API is a fantastic tool in that matter. This is an asset for your customer journey but also for SEO purposes.

  • Multilingual: Multilingual support is strong. It is in place since the very creation of the tool in 2017.

  • Security: Storyblok is ISO 270001 certified