E-commerce retail platform

Muule is a multi-brand e-commerce site specialized in outdoor equipment. A selective distributor, fully and genuinely committed to a responsible practice of outdoor sports. At a time when brands are communicating massively on their environmental footprint, the site has designed a clear and transparent reading grid to better understand the impact and maturity of their approach.

The Muule barometer

If some initiatives have already been launched in the fashion sector, few French retailers have gone so far in deciphering brands's discours and actual actions regarding sustainability. An exercise of full transparency that plays a central role in Muule's experience.

Promote & facilitate outdoor practice

"Complètement out" (Totally Out). A funding principle for this project: break out the routine, get away from self-imposed obligations to spend more time in nature. The site helps neo-practitioners to select the right equipment for their next adventure.

Dressing Room inside

On Muule, customers can create their own "dressing room": a custom made client interface where they can easily find all the items purchased on the website, see and use the rewards and reductions they tallied up on each purchase. Muule's checklists will also help customers get ready for their next marathon, 5-day trek or backcountry skiing adventure or make sure they are fully equipped.

This website was designed with Shopify ecommerce solution, with a fully custom theme.

  • Visual identity : Tanguy Roland.

  • Font : Savior Sans par Sudtipos.

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