Fidroit Pros

Rebuild of the site for professionals

Redesign of the site dedicated to professionals

Ultrō has been supporting Fidroit since 2015 in the definition and implementation of its digital strategy. After having successfully redesigned its software into web applications, Fidroit is now embarking on the second phase of its digital transformation: a restructured and rethought commercial offer, as well as a brand redesign that matches its ambitions.

Together with Olivier Talbot (copywriting design) and Silence (branding), we have designed a site for finance and wealth management professionals.


"Ultro est particulièrement à notre écoute et très soucieux de répondre à nos attentes et objectifs. Ils nous apportent une vision critique et constructive. Leur professionnalisme et leur souplesse est très appréciable."

Carine Changeat-Dessite, Directrice Produits et Qualité at fidroit

Exploring new horizons requires the construction of a strong brand

The advent of "fintech" and new financial services has disrupted established communication codes. These new brands want to be close to the individual. They simplify the user experience. Union, savings, retirement, they verticalise each of our great moments in life to make a product or a service. Between the old and the new world, Fidroit has found its position of balance, embracing the innovative capacity of start-ups while preserving its historical and reassuring position as a trusted partner.


A simpler offer, more readable, more accessible


Business opportunities seized by Fidroit recent years have resulted in the steady change in the scope of each product or service. It was time to rationalize a dense set of options and complex, difficult to grasp for leads.

With the help of Olivier Talbot, we have redefined an offer centered on core expertise, discarding the superfluous and aimed primarily at customer's business needs.


Two distinct targets, one-face and digital offers, to live alone or in groups, in standard or on demand. Considering all of these characteristics, we designed a buying journey without functional overload, based on a catalog and a customized checkout.