Creative direction & website rebuild

The project

Creative direction & website rebuild.

Its offbeat underwear has made it an emblematic brand.

Twenty years after giving birth to the Pullin printed boxer shorts, Pullin has set off to explore new territories while remaining true to its role as a pioneer and precursor. After several years of delegated management, the brand is taking back the reins of its e-commerce and entrusts us with the creative direction of its new site.

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The model in place reveals its limits, both in form and substance:

A website aligned with the graphic codes of the distribution and mainly driven by a promotional speech. The brand's transparency in the experience is detrimental to the research and quality work it claims.

The price difference with regard to the actors of the "fast-fashion" is difficult to defend. What is displayed on the screen is far from the colourful universe that radiates the creative direction of the brand.

Website before rebuild

The new architecture of the site is built around guiding principles: Pullin needs to show itself, expose its visual language and reveal the technical nature of its collections.

The modular system we design displays printed in large sizes and allows for a wide range of combinations of messages, visuals and products.

The cuts and materials are decisive in the Pullin experience. We have created guides and content that help you make the right choice at the right time.

One out of every two Internet users visits the Pullin site on a mobile phone, so nearly one million page views each year. 

The quality of the mobile experience is based on all the interactions that lead to product selection: navigation menus, scrolling, filtering and sorting out.

« The site under Magento 2 will celebrate its first candle in 2 days. It is clearly a success and a great showcase. So a big thank you to Ultrō for your work. The investment pays off and is visible! »