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An operation of national interest launched more than twenty years ago

By the State, the City of Marseille, the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. This project, unique in Europe, invents and builds the sustainable Mediterranean city of tomorrow. An 8 billion euro pharaonic project where architecture, environment, technology, economy and urbanism intertwine.

The story continues to be written Euroméditerranée

Each chapter, whether it is a public building, an eco-district or redevelopment has such influence on the renewal of the city that could easily be a site dedicated. The first difficulty is to find the format that will enhance each of its major projects underway as completed, and reveal the overall dynamic that binds them to each other.

More than a website, a magazine moving, human-centered and combining a wide variety of content

The humain

In affirming its determination to place the user at the center of the device, Euroméditerranée defined the first ingredient of its new editorial line. We saw the opportunity to address all the issues from the perspective of the human: the inhabitant, contractor, architect, of the elected or simply passing visitor.


The content

Each project reveals a potential content. With possibilities that go far beyond the "site monitoring" operational and very uninspiring. We have defined a grid of content that follows each project from its genesis to its operation. At the institutional section, we preferred the collection of opinion, the meeting, the interview, any exchange that can enrich the perception of the reader.

ZAC and list of projects

Viewing maps

The digital magazine

A bold choice up to the topic: a digital magazine, based on an ambitious interface that gives pride to the visual and editorial. The opportunity also to stand out from other existing websites set up by indirect competitors (developers, suppliers) and to show strong digital identity and memorable.

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