Communication agency in Clermont-Ferrand

Ultrō is a communication agency, born digital, created in 2009 by Antoine Caillet and Thomas Le Mouellic. Our employees are spread over several sites, between Clermont-Ferrand (main office), Lyon, Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Ultrō assists groups, SMEs and innovative companies in the definition and implementation of communication strategies in which digital technology plays a central role.

Our expertise includes :

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As for the rest of this article, it is only composed of paragraphs of text for natural referencing purposes. If you continue reading it, you will notice the regular and tiresome presence of the terms "Clermont-Ferrand", "communication agency", "agence communication Clermont-Ferrand", among others. The content is of questionable interest, but it is an opportunity for you to learn a little more about how search engines work.

So why write this page ? 

Like most of our clients, we are looking to be more visible in search engine results. In particular, the expression "communication agency in Clermont-Ferrand" or its derivatives "communication agency Clermont-Ferrand" and "advertising agency Clermont-Ferrand". Unfortunately, it is this overrated editorial material that is favoured by the search engine algorithms to position the pages together. There are of course other criteria (links, semantics, history, technology, authority, etc.) that come into play, but the number of hits still has its share in the final ranking.

What should we think ? 

Even if the visibility of web pages depends largely on robots, it is necessary to take a step back from these practices. It is obvious that the quality of this article is altered by the keywords "communication agency in Clermont-Ferrand" placed with insistence. 

What credence can be given to branded content weighted in this way? What can we expect from a user who has been phished by textureless content?

This is the subtle balance to be achieved: that of making the expectations of the algorithms cohabit with a brand statement. And this is precisely one of our areas of expertise.

As you will have understood, the pages formatted as "rankings of the best communication agencies in Clermont-Ferrand" or as recommendations on how to "choose your web agency in Clermont-Ferrand" have not been designed for you but for an algorithm.

In the end, if they manage to occupy the first places of the search results, they remain empty pages because they are rarely based on a qualitative approach of the subject. 

Would you like to integrate SEO into your communication strategy? Contact us, we will be happy to continue this exchange with you.