Marketing as an undercover agent

The explosion of B2B digital services has changed the landscape on the publisher side. A new application financed by fundraising can be launched in a few months. The professional now has a choice when it comes to subscribing to a new service. It is therefore necessary to differentiate oneself from the competition in one way or another to be preferred and ideally chosen. The pre-sales phase can begin, with everyone putting forward their promises, arguments and benefits. However, this seduction exercise must not be manifested by excessive marketing fever in the application itself.

There is often a temptation to make the features look more "sellable". Whether it be the graphic layout or even the names of the features. The fear, perhaps, that the prospect will not perceive the service at its true value, that he will not be seduced from the first connection.

À utiliser de préférence au lever du jour

Service marketing should not distort usage. Even if the application remains a contact point full of opportunities between the publisher and the customer, it is preferable not to overload the experience with sophisticated, anglicized formulas that are too far removed from the user's context and reality.


  1. Successfully (finally) integrating its users into the design process

  2. Resist the temptation of the multi-functional application

  3. Marketing as an undercover agent

  4. Improve the dialogue between the application and the user

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