Three lifestyle brands on one e-commerce platform: the case of Amatéis group with Centra

Our philosophy towards the technical solutions we recommend to our clients has been the same since day one of Ultrō. We have always thought that it was making more sense to recommend the best ones to meet our clients' needs, rather than serving the most convenient recipe, which is common practice in e-commerce.

In this way, our projects over the last few years have brought us to appreciate time and productivity savings of SAAS solutions. A real relief for our clients too who never considered hosting, upgrading and security issues as a cakewalk. Then we discovered the full potential of headless e-commerce, which is now at the core of our agency services.

The rise of headless e-commerce has contributed to another exciting phenomenon : «vertical» e-commerce solutions that specialise in specific markets. This is precisely the case with Centra, which we have set up for the Amateis group.

Centra is a headless e-commerce solution that targets fashion and lifestyle brands. The Swedish publisher has built up solid experience in the field over the last ten years and offers a platform capable of dealing with key issues in this sector: global sales, currencies, omnichannel, multi-market, subscriptions, click & collect, and many others.

Following our analysis of the market players, Centra was confirmed as the most suitable solution to meet the request of the Amatéis group, which wanted to host three of its brands, Aulp, Degré7 and Henri Duvillard on the same e-commerce architecture. We therefore undertook to migrate the Aulp brand from Magento to Centra, which resulted in an immediate gain in page speed.

Editorial content is managed through Storyblok. As explained in our article about brands e-commerce practices, CMS integration in a e-commerce project offers unquestionable freedom for the editing of all types of content: product pages, story-telling, landing pages, and in all languages. Other third party services we have integrated into the Amatéis Group architecture: Stripe for payment, Klaviyo for marketing, Sendcloud for managing delivery methods.

In practical terms, what are the advantages of this headless e-commerce architecture for Amateis?


With Centra, Amatéis group can set up differentiated markets for each brand, i.e. languages, prices, products and currencies.


Third party services such as Sendcloud save time and resources. Sendcloud is a all-in-one multi carrier solution that can connect to 80+ carriers. No case-by-case configuration, no module to plug for each carrier and a better user experience.


Ultra fast loading times. A few milliseconds can make the difference between an abandoned or converted cart.

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